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List of Artists and art-works.


Aufray-Genestoux. Suzanne

Bertle, Hans

Biloul, Louis-Francois

Blanc-Garin, Ernest

Dubois-Menant, Jules Gabriel

Fideline Nicolle, Miniatur

Gebhardt, Ignaz Heinrich

Grammont, Emmanuel

Grose, Daniel Charles

Harwood, John

Hughes, Edward



Pavant, Emile de

Prey, Johannes Zacharias

Schultze, Robert (1828-1910)

Stuhlmueller, Karl (1859-1930 Muenchen)

List of dolls and manufacturers, brand names, Steiff names.


Armand Marseilles

Erhard and Sons

Hertel & Schwab

Handwerck, Heinrich

Heubach Koeppelsdorf

Gautier, Francois

Gottschalk, Moritz


Kämmer & Reinhardt




SFBJ Paris

Recknagel, Theodor

Rock and Graner

Steiff Sigi

Simon & Halbig

Swaine and Co.